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Would you like to make a tax-deductible donation to the Wildlife Conservation Fund?
Donate to the Wildlife Conservation Fund to help manage Nebraska's wildlife diversity.
What is the Wildlife Conservation Fund?
Since 1984, tax deductible donations to the Nebraska Wildlife Conservation Fund have helped the thousands of species that call Nebraska home. Wildlife Conservation Fund projects help those species considered non-game, or those that are not hunted or fished. Donated dollars have big impact, since Wildlife Conservation Fund dollars are matched with other grants, so that a dollar donated becomes 4 dollars for helping wildlife. The Wildlife Conservation Fund’s makes many types of projects possible.
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Would you like to make a tax-deductible donation to the Hunters Helping the Hungry?
Donate to Hunters Helping the Hungry.
What is Hunters Helping the Hungry?
Hunters Helping the Hungry is a program established by the Nebraska Legislature in April 2012 that provides ground venison to Nebraskans in need. It allows hunters to donate whole field-dressed deer at participating meat processors. Food pantries and other charitable organizations distribute the ground venison across the state. The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission accepts tax-deductible cash donations to pay contracted processors and operate the program. Hunters who donate a deer pay no processing fee.
Learn more about Hunters Helping the Hungry

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